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When you need help, whether it's an electrician or an accountant, the allfix application recommends the closest specialist / professional in your location.

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Are you looking for a specialist?

Nothing simpler, choose the desired category and contact the nearest craftsman / specialist.

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Yes, you read well! You can list yourself in the allfix application as a specialist free of charge and without any further costs.

Special offers

Partners discounts! Reserve the offer you like. * Offers valid locally and nationally.

Discover true professionals in all areas of activity.

We help you find serious and skilled people, fully committed to their profession and to the field in which they work. That's why we check each application registration before listing.

"We believe that well-done things have people who are enthusiastic, with potential for development, who add value."


We appreciate the people dedicated to their work.

Whether you are a car mechanic, an engineer or an architect, we have a great deal of respect for the work you are doing. This way we provide you with the opportunity to register for free in the application and to promote the services of those interested, in a more efficient and elegant way.

Nothing complicated

The registration process is simple and fast.

You decide how you want to be contacted

Because we know how important it is to work without being interrupted, we have integrated two ways of communicating.

Special offers

We connect people, businesses and organizations across the country, giving them more opportunities.

Offers at a knock

You can easily get the discount you want with filtering / category features. We ordered the offers according to your location, so you will first see the closest to you.

Have you seen anything interesting? You can save your offer to favorites or reserve.

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Modern and intuitive design

Thought to be used with utmost ease



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Practical tips

what you need to know if you have not used the allfix application yet

Location access and notifications

When you launch the application for the first time, it will require your access to GPS and the right to receive notifications. It is important to accept these two conditions otherwise the application will not work properly.

Visitor account registration

To be able to contact a specialist by text message or to benefit from special offers, you need to create a free account.

Specialist account registration

If you would like to register a specialist account, you will need to fill out the "+ Specialist Account" form on the first page of the application.

Change the visitor account to a specialist account

If you already own a visitor account, you can change it to a specialist account only if you fill out the form available in the `` Specialist account 'section on the first page of the application.

If you're a specialist

It is important to publish a real profile picture and use your full name. If you represent a company, please mention this in the description of the services. All information is checked before publishing.

About offers

Each offer in the application has a shelf life. Each partner reserves the right to determine the terms and conditions of the grant.

If you're a company

The bids presented in the application are ordered according to the user's position. So if a user is near the address mentioned in the offer, it will be displayed in the first position.

My account has been validated but I do not see it in the user list

Do not trouble, your profile is visible to other users. If you want to see your profile, access the My Account option in the menu.

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